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All-round Introduction Of Polycarboxylate

Aug. 03, 2021


Polycarboxylate is a high performance water reducing agent, a cement dispersant used in cement concrete. It is widely used in roads, bridges, dams, tunnels, high-rise buildings and other projects. The goods are green, non-flammable and non-explosive, and can be safely transported by train and car. It can be widely used as ready-mix for ordinary concrete, gushing concrete and high-strength durable concrete. Especially! It can be used for high-strength durable concrete with excellent performance.

Here Polycarboxylate supplier shows you the introduction of it, including four aspects:

Product advantages,


Usage attention,

Packaging and Storage.

Product advantages

1、Compatible with many kinds of cement, maintain the good slump performance of concrete and prolong the construction time of concrete.

2、Low dosage, high water reduction rate and small shrinkage.

3、Greatly improve the early and late strength of concrete.

4、The product has low chloride content and low alkali content, which is beneficial to the durability of concrete.

5、The production process is harmless, does not contain formaldehyde, in line with ISO14000 international standard of environmental management, is a green product.

6、Using polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent, more slag or fly ash can be used instead of cement, thus reducing the cost.



It is suitable for precast and cast-in-place concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete of high-speed railroads, passenger lines, industrial and civil buildings, roads, bridges, ports and airports.

It is especially suitable for projects with long construction time for preparing concrete and high requirements for concrete slump maintenance, such as nuclear power projects.

Usage attention

1、The dosage of polycarboxylate is recommended as follows (wt.% of cement): 0.25%-0.8%...

2、It can be mixed in metric water or added to concrete mixer. The recommended mixing time is at least 150s. concrete should be tested before use to ensure the quality of concrete.

3、It can be compounded with retarder, defoamer, breathable agent, sodium lignosulfonate, etc.

4、Polycarboxylic acid products are sold as concentrated products, it is not recommended to use polycarboxylic acid products directly in concrete or other materials without formula blending. The compatibility of polycarboxylic acid products with specific cement, aggregate and other raw materials cannot be guaranteed in the application. It should be obtained by the user through trial blending and formulation techniques.

Packaging and Storage

Packaging and storage: Liquid products: 200kg drums or 1000kg cans.

Store at 0-35°C away from light.

Shelf life is normally six months to one year. Tested and approved.

Choose us: good performance

This series of products in SANCOLO have high double bond retention rate, stable quality, narrow molecular weight distribution, low impurity content and high polymerization activity. This product is suitable for the synthesis of water-reducing agent mother liquor with higher requirements on water-reducing rate. The polycarboxylate water-reducing agent mother liquor produced by this product has high-efficiency particle dispersion performance and retention ability, and has high water-reducing rate and good plasticity. The characteristics of this product are sheet-like, water-soluble, stable in aqueous solution, and can be formulated into various concentrations of aqueous solution, which is more convenient to use.  


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