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Use of Surfactants

Dec. 07, 2020

I often see some fish ponds, the water surface is sticky, the waves from the aerators are not high, and the water pushed out is not far away. For people who often run by the pond, you can tell at a glance, but for those with insufficient breeding experience For people, this empirical thing is often seen after seeing it, and no conclusion can be drawn. Let’s write down the topic of Surfactants today.

Speaking of surfactants, benzalkonium bromide must be indispensable. It belongs to a low-toxicity disinfectant. Although it is low-toxic, please pay attention. In the case of polluted water, it is sensitive to molluscs, salmon, and long buttocks. Pay attention to the dosage. . It uses dodecanol and hydrogen bromide as raw materials to synthesize bromododecane, and then react with chlorotoluene and dimethylamine to produce benzalkonium bromide. It is also called neoceramide and belongs to Cationic Surfactants. Fungicide. The pharmacological mechanism of action is to rapidly bind to bacterial protein to make it denatured; inactivate the various enzyme systems of the bacterial and worms; change the permeability of the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane to make the bacterial cytoplasmic material extravasate, by blocking Its metabolism thus achieves the effect of sterilization.

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For Gram-positive bacteria, because the cell wall contains teichoic acid, which is negatively charged, the surface of the positive bacteria is also negatively charged. As a result of the attraction of positive and negative charges, it is The killing effect of the positive bacteria is stronger. But the disadvantage is that it has a weak effect on gram-positive bacteria with viable spore structure, so I understand that after using Bacillus, if you want to sterilize as soon as possible, you can choose. In addition, for streptococcal disease in tilapia, benzalkonium bromide is the first choice. At the same time, it is not recommended to use Pseudomonas aeruginosa and acid-fast bacilli.

In addition to the bactericidal effect of benzalkonium bromide, the biggest effect is to greatly reduce the surface tension of water and increase the tension of the gas-liquid interface, the liquid-liquid interface, and the solid-liquid interface. How to understand the interfacial tension is the liquid interface per unit length Contraction force. Like benzalkonium bromide, after shaking well, the bottle will be filled with bubbles, and then it will quickly defoam. It is often used to disinfect water that is sticky on the water surface to quickly remove oil on the water surface and increase the water permeability. Be careful not to use metal containers, and it is forbidden to mix with Anionic Surfactants, iodides and peroxides.

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